Social media is playing a big part in current awarenss on a great variety of topics. Food allergies and food intolerances is no different. Below is a small selection of UK based twitter sites, blogs and facebook pages that might be of interest.

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Twitter pages

This is a small selection of twitter pages worth following in the UK.
Allergy and freefrom show
Food Allergy Aware
Anaphylaxis Campaign
Co yo UK
Alpro UK
The Free from Fairy
Freefrom Foodmatters
Medic Alert Foundation
GranoVita UK
Cheesefreepls - Lactose Intolerant
CMPA Support
Tasha's Dairy Free
Allergy Academy
Allergy Bakes
Mozza Risella
Food Heaven Ice
No dairy or eggs
Allergy Campaign
Allergy buddies
Our AAdventures
My childs allergy
ZenZen Food
CAN allergy
Oatly UK
Dribble Delights
Goodness direct
Goodness Foods
British Association for Applied Nutrition & Nutritional Therapy
Allergy Medical UK
iFAAM project
British Society for Immunology Headquarters
Allergy Aware UK
I hate you milk
Think free ltd
Allergy Nurse UK
St Helens Farm
Feeding my intolerant child
Antoinette Savill
Woodlands Dairy
Food Allergy Dad
Allergy Link
Cambridge Nutritional Sciences
Dietary Card

Blogs  Kim is an award-winning author, sought-after speaker and global industry leader travelling over 2 million miles while living on 4 continents. Eating a 100% gluten & dairy free diet for the past 10 years due to celiac disease and food allergies.  written by a mum to a 4 year old boy and 6 year old girl, who was diagnosed with coeliac disease just before her third birthday (and previously had allergies to dairy milk protein and egg), and now, nearly 3 years later they find she has an intolerance to dairy. They are an ordinary young family whose son was diagnosed with egg and dairy allergy’s when he was one years old. Follow them on their mission to make sure their son's dairy and egg allergies does not take over his life and stop him from enjoying delicious meals and kiddie treats.