Non Soya Foods
Non Soya foods

Over the past few years more companies have been producing foods that are milk free and soya free. The main range of products are drinks such as oat milk and Plamil (made with pea protein) and desserts. Various other foods that are usually considered dairy have now started to be produced usuing non milk and soya products also, these include yoghurt, custard, rice pudding, frozen desserts (ice cream) and of course milk. The best known sources of milk are Rice milk, almond milk and oat milk. The producers of these products are listed below and it is important to remember that these products will increase in number as more people become intolerant to milk and soya based products.


Plamil as previously mentioned a pea protein milk, totally vegan. Found mainly in health food shops.

Clearspring UK distributers of Rice Milk, comes in various flavours ideal for milk and soya intolerant people. Found in many supermarkets and health food shops.

Mill milk All Mill Milk-products are made from oats, rapeseed oil (canola oil) and artesian spring water, and are 100% non-dairy, lactose free, low in sodium and no cholesterol. They have a site full of useful product information, recipes and nutritional information.

Miam This is the first time this drink has been available in the UK despite having been popular in Spain for hundreds of years. It tastes and looks rather like a sweet nutty milk, but contains neither nuts nor milk. It's very nutritious and refreshing, is made from completely natural products (no artificial additives). It can be substitute for milk on cereals or even in custard. Visit the site for more information.


Oatscream This is an American based dairy free product that is hoping to expand into the UK market. They produce a frozen dessert based around oats.

This section still being developed as new products come on the market.

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