Lactose Intolerance

What should I look for?

One of the main problems with a food intolerance is the inability for medical professionals to identify it without carrying out extensive exclusion diets.
It's not always a rash that is the first sign of a dairy allergy or intolerance, in fact it's usually the malabsorption of food, that is the child not being able to digest what they eat, for example bloated stomach, wind, diarrhoea, vomiting, etc. These are often the first visible signs of a child with an intolerance to dairy products. The first thing you will need to do is visit your doctor, hopefully they will be able to identify the problem as an intolerance to a food type. Do not try and cut out foods in young children without your doctor knowing what you are doing. If the child is dairy intolerant then cut out all dairy products from their diet to see if the symptoms go away. This means no cow's milk, yoghurt, cheese, milk shakes, ice cream, etc. It is also important to bare in mind that cereals can contain dairy products, especially the chocolate flavoured types and muesli, they sometimes contain semi-skimmed milk powder; biscuits can contain whey powder which is a product of cow's milk, baby rice contains milk products, the list goes on. What do you do, simply read the contents and if they contains anything that says milk or whey or cheese don't buy these products or give them to the child who might be lactose intolerant, the good news is some children will develop a tolerance to some milk products, or a small amount of lactose, as they get older.

OK so what should I say to my doctor or health care professional?

Firstly ask to be prescribed a soya based formula for your baby, e.g. Wysoy or Infasoy. Yes, prescribed, you won't have to pay for the tins of formula if your child is lactose intolerant (in the UK), and also ask for a calcium supplement especially if you have a daughter with lactose intolerance, unless they eat fish, a large amount of calcium comes from milk and without this in her diet osteoporosis could develop in later years. Ask for Calcium Sandoz, it worked for my daughter, however this product does contain some lactose so be careful. If your child has a more extreme allergy to dairy products try any of the following Pregestimil, Prosobee or Nutramigen produced by Mead Johnson Nutritionals or Isomil produced by Abbott Laboratories Ltd. They are for gluten, lactose and sucrose free diets and are very expensive so get your GP or consultant to prescribe them. Another non dairy formula is Neocate. They have a UK site at Neocate baby formula They also have plenty of information and some research material worth looking at.

If, however, you don't want to try soya based formula milk then why not try Nanny goat milk Infant Nutrition. This product is available from Vitacare Ltd. The Formula cost £21.95 for a 900gm tin and is available from a number of shops or if you have a problem try Amazon. The Department of Health recommends that babies up to one year of age be kept on formula milk and not put onto goat's milk at 6 months as is common with cow's milk

There are various digestive enzymes available for children, and adults who become Lactose Intolerant. One UK supplier is Myplan Ltd.. Old Colwall, Nr. Malvern Worcs., WR13 6HF Tel: 016845 40441 (between 9am and 1pm) or Fax 016845 40811.They produce a tablets and a liquid enzyme called Milkaid which can be taken before eating a meal containing milk products and reduces the amount of lactose to a more digestible level. Milkaid is available from Myplan directly they cost £12.99 for 120 tablets or £9.99 for 7ml bottles. The tablets' ingredients are Lactase 3000ALU, Raspberry flavour, Ctric acid, Magnasweet 100, Supernet 228-Glydant, Magnesium Stearate.

For a supply of just the enzyme (not Milkaid) try Click here for mail order details

So where can I get non-dairy product foods?

It is important to bear in mind that more food is available without dairy products than with. However, margarine may contain some dairy products. Look for products that are without any milk content, I have found that some of the Kosher (Jewish dietary products) are totally milk free, they are marked Parve or Parv and are available in a number supermarkets. Products include non-dairy cream, ice cream and non-dairy spreads which are all great substitutes for dairy products. If however you do have a problem obtaining Kosher dairy free products listed below are the main companies. Click Here.

The supermarket is always a good starting point and a chat with the produce manager with your list of products will sometimes produce excellent results. It's also worth talking to the staff at Customer Services as most of the main supermarket chains will supply you with a list of own brand products that are dairy free (this list can be tailored to your specific needs for example no dairy and no nuts, or no gluten and no nuts etc..) I found that Tesco, Sainsbury, Waitrose, and ASDA were very good with this service. Listed below are some supermarket sites which are worth visiting for more nutritional information and also the addresses for the information they provide on their own products, i.e. dairy-free, gluten-free, etc.

Customer Services Dept.,
Asda Stores Ltd, South Bank,
Great Wilson Street,
Leeds, LS11 5AD.
Tel: 0113 241 7730
Tesco Customer Services,
Tesco, Freepost,
Baird Avenue,
Dundee DD1 9NF.

Tel: 0800 50555
Customer Services
J. Sainsbury plc
Stamford House,
Stamford Street
London, SE1 9LL
Tel: 020 7695 6000
Customer Services
Frepost MR9 473
Manchester, M4 8BA

Tel: 0800 317827
Nutrition Advice Service
Doncastle Road
Bracknell, Berks
RG12 8AY
Tel: 01344 424680
Boots the Chemists
Healthcare Business Unit
D90 East Building
NG90 1BS
Tel: 0115 9495 227
Marks and Spencer
Customer Services
Room 101, Marks and Spencer
Michael House
47 Baker Street, London
Tel: 020 7268 1234
Nutrition Advice Service
Safeway plc
6 Millington Road, Hayes
Tel: 020 8848 8744
Customer Relations
Somerfield Stores Ltd,
Whitfield Lane
Bristol, BS14 0TJ

Tel: 0117 935 9359

Goat's milk is becoming easier to buy from supermarkets and all the main supermarkets do carry goat's milk (if not ask the manager) and it does freeze (although only for 1 month), as well as Greek sheep's yoghurt and goat and sheep's cheese, you can also contact the Goat's milk Processor Federation (see below for help line phone number). Click here for advice and helplines.

Mail order companies for food and medication

There are a number of mail order companies that will send dairy free and allergen free products through the post listed below are just a few.

Lifestyle Healthcare Ltd - Centenary Business Park, Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire. RG9 1DS. England. Tel: 01491 570000 Fax: 01491 570001 www.gfdiet.comEmail
The web site mainly shows gluten free products however they do sell a range of dairy free products.

Goodness Direct is an online specialist diet and health food shop, for those on a restricted diet due to allergy or intolerance. The site is fully searchable, with easy online ordering. With free home delivery on orders over £UK35. Free personal expert advice is available from an online nutritionist, who will personally respond to any questions on dietary issues.

Great Glen Fine Food Ltd. - PO Box 10 Old Ferry Road, North Ballachulish, Fort William, PH33 6RZ, Scotland. E-Mail on
Great Glen produce a range of goats milk products and confectionery, especially The Islay Tablet (Hard Fudge) in a variety of flavours, this makes a great gift for adults and children who are LI. You can also visit the factory if in Scotland.

Biocare - Lakeside, 180 Lifford Lane, Kings Norton, Birmingham, B30 3NU Tel: 0121 433 3727 Fax 0121 433 3879 or by e-mail This company supplies a range of enzymes including Lactase. Their website is .

Cantassium - Larkhall Green Farm, 225 Putney Bridge Road, London SW15 2PY. Tel: 020 8874 1130, Fax: 020 8871 0066 or E-mail
This company produces a range of food supplements and vitamins that are not just milk free but also suitable for people with allergies to many other foods. The packaging is marked with the Rita Greer symbol system which makes it easy to see which product is the best for you.

Goat Vitacare Ltd. - Unit 1, 7 Chalcot Road, Primrose Hill, London NW1 8LH. Tel: 020 7722 4300 Fax: 020 7722 7737Helpline: 0800 328 5826. Website: The company produces Goat's milk formula milk for babies.

D & D Chocolates D & D Chocolates Ltd, Centenary Business Centre, Hammond Close, Attleborough Industrial Estate, Nuneaton, CV11 6RY. Telephone / Fax: 02476 370909email:
D & D Chocolates provide a range of dairy free chocolate and dairy, gluten and no-added sugar carob bars, filled chocolates and a range of Easter and Christmas products.

Crate of nothing they send a box full of gluten and dairy free surprises every month (just after the first of the month). Snacks, treats, ready meals, cereals and even some ingredients to accompany our Blogger Of The Month’s recipe – yum yum! Every box contains a huge range of gluten and dairy free food, so you’ll always get your money’s worth.

Companies for Kosher dairy free products.

Rakusen's Ltd. Rakusen House, Clayton Wood Rise, Ring Road, West Park, Leeds, W. Yorks., LS16 6QN Tel: 0113 278 4821 Fax: 0113 278 4064
Manufacturer of non dairy spreads such as Tomor and non dairy ice creams in various flavours (great for the children). Visit their website at

Snowcrest Ltd. Unit 8/12, 1/7 Garman Road. London N17 0UN Tel: 020 8365 0000. Manufacturers of non dairy ice creams and sorbets.

tofutti logoTofutti Tofutti UK Ltd. 5th Floor Congress House, 14 Lyon Road Harrow, HA1 2FD Tel: 020 8861 4443 Fax: 020 8861 0444
A range of dairy free, cholesterol free and virtually fat free ice cream, available in a range of flavours including Madagascan Vanilla; Better Pecan; Rich Belgian Chocolate; Wildberry Supreme; Vanilla Almond Bark; Chocolate Cookies Supreme; and Vanilla Fudge. They also produce a range frozen desserts and and cream cheese and sour cream non-dairy alternatives. The ice creams are available from various supermarkets and Kosher food stores. Visit their site at Tofutti

Companies that produce soya and other grain based products

Redwood logo The Redwood Wholefood company Now called Vbites food, produce a range of dairy free and animal free products including Cheezly in Red Cheddar Style, White Cheddar Style, BBQ Style, Garlic/Parsley Style, and Pizza Style. They also produce a Cream Cheezly in Original Flavour, Garlic and Herb, and Sour Cream and Chive flavours. The company can be contacted at The Redwood Wholefood Company Ltd, 60 Burkitt Road, Earlstrees Industrial Estate, Corby, Northants, NN17 4DT Phone 01536 400557 Fax 01536 408878 or visit their site by clicking the tree logo or you can e-mail to

Redwood have also produced an inspirational new range of delicious dairy-free cheeses that captures the very essence of warmer climes. The range includes Redwood's Feta Style Cheezly in oil, believed to be the first dairy-free version of the much-loved classic Greek cheese. Also for something a little spicier, you might like to choose Redwood's Nacho style Cheezly. Melted over crisp tortilla chips with chopped chillies, it makes a perfect Tex-Mex appetiser. Cheddar-style Cheezly, now comes ready grated and is less than 10% fat-free. Made from soya, starch and non-hydrogenated vegetable fats, Cheezly is made totally without animal ingredients, is lower in fat than standard dairy cheese and is also free from lactose and cholesterol, so suitable for a wide range of special dietary needs.

provamel logoVandemoortele (UK) Ltd. - Provamel RC, Ashley House, 86-94 High Street, Hounslow, TW3 1NH Tel: 020 8577 2727 Fax: 020 8569 4179
Manufacturers of a range of soya based deserts and soya milk, flavoured drinks and non-dairy yoghurts under the trade name PROVAMEL. Available from health food shops and most good supermarkets. The range of soya milks is excellent and now includes an organic sweetened soya milk and also a rice drink. Provamel now have their own site and a newsletter is also available. Click the logo to visit the site.

Winner Swedish Glace PO Box 140, Amersham, Bucks, HP6 6XD. Tel: 07000 294663 produce a range of Ice creams available from UK Supermarkets. Very creamy taste ( they do affect my daughter though) but the ice cream is worth trying.

PlamilPlamil Foods Ltd.. - Bowles Well Gardens, Folkestone, Kent CT19 6PQ Tel: 01303 850588 (24hrs) Fax 01303 850015
The company produces a range of Vegan foods including Plamil White-sun, a new non- dairy alternative to milk made from sunflower oil and pea protein. It can be used in cooking, on cereals, deserts and in tea or coffee. It is also calcium enriched and contains vitamins D2, B2 and B12. It is available from many health food stores, but if you have trouble finding it why not contact Plamil Foods for a local supplier. Plamil also make a range of organic non-dairy chocolate bars and Plamil Soya with concentrated apple juice, as well as mayonnaise, dairy free desserts and carob products. Their website (click the logo) has recipes and product information

clearspring Clearspring Ltd.19a Acton Park Estate, London W3 7QE.
Tel: 020 8749 1781

Importers and distributors of Rice Dream, a non dairy beverage made from organically grown brown rice. The beverage contains no dairy, soy, wheat or added sweeteners and comes as the original or vanilla flavour. It is available from a number of health food shops. Rice Dream has a good calcium supply and so no extra calcium is added. Rice Dream can be used to cook with as you would dairy milk. It is also available in single serving packs ideal for school lunch boxes in 4 flavours original, chocolate, carob, and vanilla (and my daughter tells me they taste nice also. If you have a problem finding Rice Dream contact Clearspring for your nearest supplier. To visit their site click the logo or you can e-mail them on

Cauldron logo Cauldron Foods Ltd Units 1-2, Portishead Business Park, Bristol, BS20 9BF Tel: 01275 818448 Fax: 01275 8182353. If you have just come back from the supermarket with your first packet of tofu and don't know what to do with it, then try this site full of useful information, recipes, and even a competition.

So good logo So Good Sanitarium Health Food Company (UK) Ltd, Wellinborough, Northants NN8 4NB. This soya milk has one of the best taste around. It come in 4 varieties, Low Fat and Dairy Free, Fat free, Utterly Chocolate and Absolutely Vanilla. It comes in 1 litre cartons from most major supermarkets. The product originated in Australia and you can visit their web site by clicking the logo.

Oatley Drink SHS Sale & Marketing Ltd, Manderson House, 5230 Valiant Court Delta Way Brockworth Gloucester GL3 4FE. Tel:01452 378500 email: . 100% non dairy available for health food shops and some supermarkets. All Oatley products are made from oats, rapeseed oil (canola oil) and artesian spring water, and are 100% non-dairy, lactose free, low in sodium and no cholesterol. Their site is full of useful product information, recipes and nutritional information

ecomil logo
Eco Mil almond Drink EcoMil, is a dairy-free, gluten-free, cholesterol-free vegetable milk manufacturer made from almonds. They are a Spanish company, but now working here in UK, to raise customers knowledge about their products, mainly almond drinks.

Vitamite This is another soya milk product but not available here in the UK. I have contacted them and will pass on the information as soon as I hear. They produce a range of products - 2% Vitamite Non-Dairy Beverage, Nonfat Vitamite Non-Dairy Beverage Chocolate Vitamite Non-Dairy Beverage, and Chocomite Chocolate Flavored Non-Dairy Beverage.Click here to see the site Vitamite

Alpro produce a large range of non dairy products. The site has excellent information and will help anyone starting on soya products and also help students studying soya.

Pure spread now have a range of dairyfree products that are worth trying. They are made from either sunflower oil or soya oil and produce an organic spread also.Visit their site at for more information. The site has recipes and product information and you can have product information sent to you by visiting their contact page.

Companies that produce Goat's Milk products

This list is for information on a range of goat's milk products that are available in the UK. The range of products these companies and other produce is become more extensive and I will try to keep up with the latest products as I hear about them. Basically the range of products include milk (of course), cheese (either a hard cheddar like or more commonly a soft cheese often spreadable), yoghurts, ice cream and hopefully a non cow's milk spread. Any here is the latest and some information as I have it.

St Helens Farm, St Helens Farm, Seaton Ross, York YO42 4NP. Tel: 01430 861715 Fax: 01430 860844
Producers of a range of goats milk products that are distributed through major food retailers such as Tesco, Sainsbury, Safeway and Waitrose under the St Helens Farm brand. The range includes full cream and semi-skimmed milk, yogurt, double cream, butter and Nanny's hard cheese. Both plain and fruit yogurts are available, including honey, bramble and apple, strawberry and rhubarb.
They can be contacted on or visit their web site at

Billy Goat Stuff Billy Goat Stuff was initially created to meet the needs of people who might have an allergy or are cow's milk and soya intolerant and still want to eat chocolate. It is amazing how many everyday foods and drinks contain cows milk in its various forms and soya. Goat's milk is an alternative to cows milk and other soya alternatives, which often relieves some of the skin and dietary symptoms encountered from cow's milk. Products can be purchased online. They are based in Essex. Their site is

woodlands logo
Woodlands Park Dairy, Woodlands, Wimborne, Dorset, England. BH21 8LX. Tel: 0120 282 2687 Fax: 0120 282 6051. Woodland's Park Dairy produce a range of sheep and goats milk yoghurts. Woodland's Park Dairy is set in the heart of Dorset and has been making natural live goats and sheep milk yoghurt for over thirty years. Richard and Rieta Murray took over the business in 1987 and are now one of Britain's leading makers of speciality sheep and goats milk yoghurt, supplying shops throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. Their famous yoghurt has recently won two Gold Awards and several First Prizes at various county fairs around the U.K. Woodland also produce dried sheep's milk powder available from good health food stores. Click on the logo to visit their site for more information.

Delamere Dairy Yew Tree Farm, Bexton Lane, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9BH Tel: 01565 632422 Fax: 01565 750468 Delamere have launched a website to allow you to buy goats milk direct from the farm. Visit their site at more information on their products or email on for more information.

Dairy Milk products

In the UK the only cow's milk product that has reduced lactose content is Lactofree visit their site on, the site has useful information, recipes, and stockists. We have tried it at home and it seems all right for my wife and daughter who are lactose intolerant.

Other milk products

A number of non cow and goat's milks are now on the market. These include sheep and buffalo. The products range from milk to cheese and yoghurt. However it is important to remember that they are mammalian milks and will contain proteins that may affect allergic people, don't experiment unless you have spoken to your doctor.

Eskley Sheep Milk, Llandbaddon Farm, Michaelchurch Eskley, Hereford HR2 0PR, Tel / Fax: 01981 510294 on who offer a mail order service of their products, including milk and cheese they also produce dried sheep's milk powder.

Styles Farm, Styles Farm, Rodhuish, Minehead, Somerset, TA24 6QN, Tel:01984 640255 Fax 01984 641034, e-mail: Styles Farm have made a range of ice creams made from sheeps milk, they also have cow's milk ice cream, visit their site for more information.

Blissful Buffalo, Belland Farm, Tetcott, Holsworthy, Devon EX22 6RG Tel: 01409 271253 e-mail who have a range of buffalo milk products including cheese, milk and ice cream and hope to produce a yoghurt soon.

Good Hemp, Collabear Farm, Tawstock, Barnstaple, North Devon EX31 3JZ Good Hemp is great in tea and coffee, cereal or simply as a refreshing drink - One 250ml glass gives 50% of the omega 3 needed each day. It's low in saturated fat, easy to digest and cholesterol free. And because there is no Soya or Dairy in it, there's no need to worry about causing a hormonal imbalance, causing bloating feelings in your tummy or a risk of eating GM foods!

kara dairy freelogo
Koko dairy free coconut milk, First Grade International Ltd., Coconut House, 15 Aston Court,George Road, Bromsgrove Technology Park, Bromsgrove B60 3AL, Tel:01564 731 980 Fax: 01564 731 999 Email: Unique dairy free alternative to milk made with freshly pressed coconut milk.

Bessant & Drury Bessant & Drury - Coconut milk frozen dessert. This is a luxury dessert made with the finest natural ingredients, including highly nutritious coconut milk. Renowned for its health benefits, coconut milk gives Bessant & Drury's a rich, smooth texture. They come in four flavours, lemon, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. Email:

Miscellaneous products

Listed here are a range of products that don't fit into any of the categories above but might be of use to lactose intolerance and milk allergic sufferers.

DS Gluten Free De Gluten Free, Station Court 442 Stockport Road, Warrington, WA4 2GW. Tel: 0800 954 1981 Email: The company produces gluten free produts some are dairy free.

Chocolat Chic   Mr Simon Tranter, Bridlegate,  Bowden Green, Droitwich Spa,WR9 Linkedin page Facebook page. E-mail
The perfect gift for a loved one, or a treat for yourself, Chocolat Chic are all handmade using only fresh ingredients sourced locally, and use only Fairtrade and/or Organic Chocolate so you know each mouthful is guilt free!

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