Listed below are a range of products that are (at the time of writing) dairy free products. Remember it is always important to check that the products remain dairy free and I will of course check myself but I sometimes will miss something. The list is not comprehensive and at no time will I recommend any product over any other product. The material is purely for information.

The sections up as follows

  • Milk substitutes
  • Spreads
  • Cheese substitutes
  • Ice cream and frozen delight substitutes
  • Dairy free desserts

    Milk substitutes

  • Soya Milk: Many companies produce soya milk in the UK the main company being Provamel. Soya milk is readily available in supermarkets and health food shops and comes sweetened and unsweetened. Soya milk is now often fortified with calcium and so can be very useful.
  • Rice Milk: This product is excellent and is produced by Rice Dream.
  • Coconut milk: Usually comes in a condensed form but can be watered down and of course has a coconut flavour. The tins are available in most supermarkets and health food shops.
  • Grain Drinks: The use of oats and similar products is becoming popular companies such as Plamil produce a sunflower oil and pea milk substitute while Mill House Oat milk is available in most health food shops.
  • Nut milks: This is another range of products that can be found in health food shops. The most common product is almond milk. This milk is only suitable for people who are not allergic to nuts.


    Basically we are talking about a butter/margarine substitute that is made without dairy products. The range is rather small as even the products that sound like they are dairy free will contain whey products or semi-skimmed milk somehow. The main suppliers are
  • Rakausen who produce Tomar
  • Pure produced by Matthews Foods plc

    But other companies do exist and are to be found in supermarkets and health food shops.

    Cheese substitutes

    Here we have 2 types of cheese. One is a hard cheese, similar to Cheddar and Edam, the other is a cream or soft cheese type. To be totally dairy free you will have to hunt around however the producers are starting to produce completely dairy free cheese usually based around soya (the other common non cow's milk cheese is either goat's milk or sheep's milk, or Mozzarella which is made from buffalo milk can can be tolerated by some people)
  • Hard cheese: This includes products made by Redwood and Cheatin Cheezley
  • Soft cheese: This includes Tofutti, Soyamage (processed cheese slices), etc.

    Ice Cream and Frozen delight substitutes

    Over the last few years this area of the market has seen an increase in products. The main companies being
  • Toffuti
  • Swedish Glace
  • Rakausen
  • Snowcrest
  • Provamel
  • Granose

    Dairy free desserts

    These fall into 2 groups the first is a yoghurt base such as Yofu made by Provamel. The other is a mousse type dessert which is soya based but not made is a culture as in the yoghurt.

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