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This section looks at various digestive problems that may require diet modification. The main complaints include Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Crohn's disease, etc, but will include material on milk related illnesses also. The list will always be added to. If you wish to purchase a copy of any of the titles click the button on the right and place your order with Amazon bookshop then hit the back key on your browser to return here for a further browse of the titles.

Crohn's and Colitis For Dummies

Click Here By Tauseef Ali
Publishing Information: John Wiley, 2013

Bookjacket Be good to your gut: recipes and tips for people with digestive problems.
Click Here By Pat Baird
Publishing Information: Blackwell Healthcare, 1996

[Comment:This is a nice book that deals with all aspects of digestive problems. It has a small section at the back of the book looking at lactose intolerance. The recipes are coded for the various allergen types and are very useful.3 stars]

Healthy digestion the natural way: preventing and healing heartburn, constipation, gas, diarrhoea, inflammatory bowl, and gallbladder diseases, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome and more.

Click Here By Lindsey Berkson
Publishing Information: John Wiley, 2000
[ Comment: When over the counter medicine don't work this book offers a complete guide to easy natural solutions for achieving better digestion.]


Breaking the bonds of irritable bowel syndrome

Click Here By Barbara Bradley Bolen
Publishing Information: New Harbinger Publications, 2000

American Dietetic Association guide to better digestion

Click Here By Leslie Bonci
Publishing Information: John Wiley, 2003
[ Comment: This book looks at how to analyse your diet and to see what foods affect your digestion. It points out the most common dietary mistakes people make in an attempt to manage gastro-intestinal disorders such as constipation, heartburn and irritable bowel syndrome.]

Irritable bowel syndrome

Click Here By Sarah Brewer
Publishing Information: HarperCollins, 1997
[ Comment: Medical information on a very painful subject, IBS.]

IBS: a complete guide to irritable bowel syndrome

Click Here By Christine P. Dancey & Susan Backhouse
Publishing Information: Constable Robinson, 1997
[ Comment: The book examines various treatment for IBS each one is assessed by an expert in that field.]

Understanding irritable bowel syndrome

Click Here By S. Darnley
Publishing Information: John Wiley, 2003
[ Comment: A well written book about IBS what is known and the treatments available. A very readable book. ]

Book Jacket

How to cope successfully with irritable bowel syndrome

Click Here By Richard Emerson
Publishing Information: Wellhouse Publ., 2002

IBS breakthrough: healing irritable bowel syndrome for good with ancient Chinese medicine

Click Here By Leigh Fortson and Bing Lee
Publishing Information: Fair Winds Press, 2001
[ Comment: The author suffers from IBS but used Chinese medicine to keep it under control.]

bookjacket Living with Crohn's disease
Click Here By Joan Gomez
Publishing Information: Sheldon Press , 2000
[Comment:This book deals with all aspects of Crohn's disease. The book is part of the Overcoming Common Problems series and gives information at a level that is easily understood. Worth buying if you have a member of your family who has been diagnosed with Crohn's 4 star]

Book Jacket
Fast facts: irritable bowel syndrome

Click Here By Kenneth W. Heaton & W. Grant Thompson
Publishing Information: Health Press, 2003
[ Comment: This is the second edition of a highly commended book on IBS aimed at doctors it gives the information required to help sufferers.]


Improve your digestion
Click Here By Patrick Holford
Publishing Information: Piatkus Books ,2000
[Comment:This book looks at what you eat but also has excellent chapters on food allergies and intolerances. 4 star]

Bookjacket Good food for bad stomachs
Click Here By Henry D. Janowitz, M.D.
Publishing Information: Oxford University Press, 1997
[Comment: Dr Janowitz looks at all aspects of problems that affect our stomach and gut. Dr Janowitz is American and the information is very useful, not just to those of you who suffer from LI but any intestinal problems including ulcers, bowel diseases and even ageing. He basically looks at what you eat and how to change your diet to help you gut. Good book.3 star]

Book Jacket
Irritable bowel syndrome

Click Here By Roger Jones
Publishing Information: Taylor and Francis, 2000
[Comment: The book looks at the current state of knowledge of the condition. Aim mainly at doctors but will help patients understand the condition.]

Digestive wellness

Click Here Elizabeth Lipski
Publishing Information: Keats Pub Inc, 1999
[ Comment: This guide helps people gain better control over their digestive function and its relationship with their health.]


Tell me what to eat if I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome: nutrition you can live with.
Click Here By Elaine Magee
Publishing Information: Career Press, 2000

Stop bellyaching: banish indigestion and irritable bowel syndrome

Click Here By Peter Mansfield
Publishing Information: Souvenir Press, 2001
[ Comment: Provides natural healing remedies for sufferers of digestive ailments, examining their causes and offering treatment plans.]

Mayo Clinic on digestive health

Click Here By Mayo Clinic and John E. King
Publishing Information: Mason Crest, 2002
[ Comment: A guide to coping with common digestive problems. The book discusses the causes of such ailments and provides an overview of the prevention and treatment options for more than a dozen digestive conditions.]

Coping successfully with your irritable bowel

Click Here By Rosemary Nicol
Publishing Information: Sheldon Press, 1989
[ Comment:Part of the excellent "Coping with ..." series. The author looks at various things like stress, diet, etc can affect your IBS and offers suggestions on how to solve the problem. 4 star]

Irritable bowel diet book

Click Here By Rosemary Nicol
Publishing Information: Sheldon Press, 1990
[ Comment:The companion volume to the coping with title. 4 star]


Irritable bowel syndrome: a natural approach
Click Here By Rosemary Nicol
Publishing Information: Ulysses, 1999


Complete guide to sensible eating
Click Here By Gary Null
Publishing Information: Seven Stories, 1998

Irritable bowel syndrome sourcebook

Click Here By Laura O'Hare
Publishing Information: McGraw-Hill, 2001

bookjacketBanish bloating
Click Here By Suzannah Oliver
Publishing Information: Pocket Books, 2000
[ Comment:A well produced book looking at the causes of bloating and possible cures including a program called E.A.S.E. Plenty of useful information for all digestive problems .4 star]

25 Natural ways to relieve irritable bowel syndrome: a mind-body approach to helth and well-being

Click Here By James Scala
Publishing Information: Keats Publ, 2000
[ Comment: Advice on finding simple ways to relieve IBS using various treatments including vitamins, herbs, visualization and relaxation.]


Relief from IBS: irritable bowel syndrome
Click Here By E. F. Shimberg
Publishing Information: Ballantine Books, 1991


Click Here Alvin and Virginia Silverstein
Publishing Information: F. Watts, 2003
[ Comment: This is a children's book which will invaluable for schools explaining digestive problems]

No more IBS!: beat irritable bowel syndrome with the medically proven women's nutrional advisory service programme

Click Here By Maryon Stewart & Alan Stewart
Publishing Information: Vintage/Ebury, 1997
[ Comment: Easy to follow everyday recipes and what causes the symptoms and how the diet can control the symptoms.]


The Angry gut: coping with colitis and Crohn's disease
Click Here By W. Grant Thompson
Publishing Information: Plenum, 1993

Irritable bowel syndrome and divericulosis: a self-help plan

Click Here By Shirley Trickett
Publishing Information: HarperCollins, 1999
[ Comment: The author offers non-drug treatments for self help, including dietary changes, therapeutic massage, homoeopathy, and aromatherapy.]

Food solutions: irritable bowel syndrome recipes and advice to control symptoms

Click Here By Patsy Westcott
Publishing Information: Hamlyn, 2002
[ Comment:This is a children's book which will be of use to schools and parent who wish to explain food allergies to their children. It is part of the Making It series, which is in turn part of the books for the Anaphylaxis campaign. 4 star]

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