Articles on Lactose Intolerance and Milk Allergies

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When I first set up this section I was only going to list a few articles, however this list has grown. I have now decided to separate it off from the original page, hence the link here, and also divide the page into 3 sections. The first is learned journals, next is consumer magazines and finally newspapers. I hope you will be able to obtain copies of these article, but if you do have a problem, please let me know.

Medical Journals

Journal American Dietetic Assoc. Sept 2000 100(9), p.1006-8:Milk consumption for the lactose intolerant: a clarification by Carol Coughlin.
A letter in reply to an article about calcium intake and the recommended intake.

Candian Journal of Gastroenterology July/August 2000, 14(7), p. 573-4: Symptoms of lactose intolerance - Forget about the cause? by Johane P. Allard.
This is in fact an editorial comment on an article in the jouranl by Szilagyi et al examining the effect of Loperamide in reducing the symptoms related to Lactose Intolerance. Allard states don't worry about the cause becuase too many people suffer from LI.

Candian Journal of Gastroenterology July/August 2000, 14(7), p. 581-7: Possible therapeutic use of loperamide for symptoms of lactose intolerance by Andrew Szilagyi, et al.
The research paper which the editorial above was written about. It was found that the drug did not work that well and did show some side effects.

Journal of American college of nutrition April 2000 19 (2), p.165S-175S Lactose Intolerance by Tuula H. Vesa, et al.
This article looks at the basics of Lactose Intolerance the causes and demographic breakdown of lactose maldigesters. An excellent introduction to lactose intolerance.

Harvard Health Letter Apr 2000, 25(6): page 8 By the way doctor...I've started drinking soy milk by JoAnn Manson.
Question and answer section look at the possible problems on men drinking soya milk and the possible high intake of phytoestrogens. The conclusion work still in progress.

Lancet, 15 April 2000 vol.355 Issue 9212, p1330: When sugar is not so sweet by S.B. Matthews.
The case study of a man with history of muscle pain, headache and fatigue, finally identified as being Lactose Intolerant.

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition July 1999 70(1): p105-106: Prebiotics or probiotics for lactose intolerance: a question of adaption by Andrew Szilagyi.
A letter to the editor which looks at the use of Lactobacillus acidophilus. He feels that both forms of treatment have their place.

American Journal of Clinical nutrition Jun 1999 69(6): p1289-91: Study design of an investigation of lactose maldigestion by Neal Barnard.
This letter questions the design of Suarez work of lactose maldigestion. Suarez replies to this letter.

Candian Journal of Gastroenterol. Vol.13 No.3 (April 1999): p209-210: Gene theraphy for Lactose Intolerance by Hugh J. Freeman.
The technique used by Dr Freeman did work but he feels that other means available will be better

J. Clin Gastroenterol. April 1999 28(3): p208-216: Lactose Intolerance: problems in diagnosis and treatment by A.D. Shaw and G.J. Davies.
The review states that correct diagnosis of Lactose intolerance is important, many people with LI are diagnosed as having IBS and often treated wrongly.

Candian Journal of Gastroenterol. Vol.13 No.2 (March 1999): p107: Lactose Intolerance by R.F. Bursey
This is a simple article used as a guide for patients, it is very well written and explains LI in laypersons terms.

Medical Tribune, April 8, 1999: C-sections may predispose children to allergies by Merritt McKinney.
With an increase in the rate of allergies and the increase in Caesarean sections Dr Sutas thought there may be a correlation because of the lack of IgA in the blood when tested. This however has not been proved conclusivly.

Nursing,Mar 1999 29(3): p71: Myths and facts ... About lactose intolerance by Edwina A. McConnell.
A sort of question and answer article aimed at the nursing profession about Lactose intolerance

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,Jan 1999; vol.69, no.1, p140-6: A randomised trial of Lactobacillus acidophilus BG2FO4 to treat lactose intolerance, by Saltzman, John R., et al.
Simply they noticed no change when using the bacteria, using the Hydrogen breath test. No cure here.

Early Human Develop, Dec 1998 53 Suppl (1998): S23-32: Special formulas in infant nutrition: a review by Jose Maldonado, et al.
This review looks at the effectiveness of special formulas for babies with allergic reactions to cow's milk. The reviewer feel that their efectiveness is open to question.

Journal of the American College of Nutrition, Dec 1998,Vol.17, no.6. p631-636: Lactose Intolerance and self-reported milk intolerance: relationship with Lactose maldigestion and nutrient intake, by Carroccio, A., et al.
This paper looks at a random sample of people from Sicily and that the number of people who self report as lactose intolerant is higher than the true number of lactose intolerant people. Further more those that claim to be LI don't consume enough calcium.

Digestive Diseases and Sciences, Nov 1998. Vol.43, no.11: p 2513-7: Lactose malabsorption is associated with early signs of mental depression in females: a preliminary report, by Ledochowski, M., et al.
The paper looked at the statistical evidence between women with Lactose malabsorption and mental depress

Consumer Magazines
Time, 15 June 1998, Vol.151 Issue 23, p85: Personal Time: Your Health: The evils of Milk by Michael Lemonick.
Talks about problems of milk and Robert Cohen's ADC group(AntiDairy Coalition) worth a look. View the article Click here.

Vegetarian Times, May 1998, Issue 249. p.40: Free and Clear - Eat the dishes you love without the ingredients you can't have by Robin Robertson.
A number of vegetarian dishes that are dairy free.

Vegetarian Times, March 1998: Issue 247, p48: Strong bones without Dairy by Lisa Turner.
6 Savoury vegan recipes packed with calcium, the article looks at a range of vegetables with equivalent amounts of calcium as in a cup of milk.

Discover, March 1998, Vol.19, Issue 3.: The Allergy Report 1998 - Presented by the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology.
The article mainly deals with asthma related problems but has facts and figures of allergies and asthma in the US.

Discover: Feb 1998, Vol.19 Issue 2, p.40: The tall and the short of it by Barry Bogin.
This is a change from the majority of articles as it tries to explain the differences in people's height. The article looks at genetic conditions for people's heights and includes lactose intolerance as a potential cause. An interesting article for the students.

Readers' Digest, Nov.1997, Vol.151, issue 907, p136. Lactose lessons by Jane E. Brody.
Discusses how lactose intolerant people can consume milk without the usual problems, it also suggests ways to avoid problems associated with lactose intolerance.

BBC Good Food, Oct 1997, p97: Coping with the switch to a dairy free diet by Lyndel Costain.
Explains health problems of consuming milk, what lactose intolerance is and suggestions for a dairy-free diet, and what food to avoid.

US News and World Report, 14 July 1997, Vol. 23, Issue 2, p.62.: Milk check by Stephanie Ingersoll.
This report looks at the results on a study carried out by the Veterans Affairs Medical Centre in Minneapolis and suggests the popularity of lactose-free products is the work of marketers rather than medical necessity. (Go tell it to my family. What really has happened is that the marketers have jumped onto a market that exists, and in some cases a population that isn't well informed, especially the GP's).

Vegetarian Times, June 1997, Issue 238, p28: Allergies to good health? The right food may be wrong for you by Phyllis Herman, M.S., C.N.S.
This is an article from the American journal Vegetarian Times but what is said is applicable in the UK, (although the addresses given at the end of the article won't be much use here). Basically the article states that some people are allergic to healthy foods such as vegetables and soy. It all mentions the Food Allergy Network ( see link in site information) and once again the article tell people to read the labels. Good article.

Consumers Research, April 1997, Vol.80, issue 4, p8: Food labels still confuse by Beatrice Trum Hunter.
Looks at how poor labelling is on food products and how misleading the terms non-dairy and dairy free can be.

Harpers and Queen, July 1996, Vol.96 issue 7, p134: What's your poison? By Jerome Burne.
The article is about techniques used in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in treating chronic ill health because of food allergies. The article looks at how one becomes allergic to food and the symptoms of food allergies.

Good Housekeeping, April 1996: Vol.222, issue 4; page 75. Family matters section: Ask the doctor.
A question from a mother about her 9 year old daughter who won't drink milk. The mother is worried about her daughter's calcium intake. The doctor states that calcium is important for diet and makes a number of good suggestions for alternatives.

Australia's Parents, Feb/Mar 1996, issue 91, p85: Food allergies by Sue Thompson.
Presents questions and answers page relating to food allergies in children.

Good Housekeeping, January 1996: Vol.222, issue 1, p135. The better way section: the most misunderstood food malady by Valerie Fahey.
A well written article about lactose intolerance. The article talks about the latest American research (See next article).

BBC Vegetarian Good Food, May 1996, p9: Milk that helps your heart.
Swedish non dairy product called Mill Milk's Oat Milk which is ideal for vegetarians and those with lactose intolerance.

Consumers' Research Magazine, December 1996, Vol.79 issue 12, p9: You asked for it by B.T. Hunter.
A short article on goat's milk as a substitute for cow's milk.

Newspapers (mainly UK)

The Daily Telegraph, 24 March 2001: In a Stew: cookery conundrums.
A question on where to obtain dried goat's milk.

The Daily Telegraph, 21 March 2001: p24: Finding calcium on a milk-free diet by Dr Sarah Brewer.
An answer to a question reagrding sources of claium when not drinking milk. Full of useful information.

The Daily Telegraph, 19 March 2001: Allergic to dairy products? But my dad's a farmer by Graeme Whitcroft White.
An interesting article about the identification of allergies by reflexology as told by Lisa Rogers a TV presenter.

The Observer, 9 July 2000: p22: Life Magazine: The intelligent consumer by Peter Dench.
The article looks at what we eat and possible allergic reation to a range of foods we eat.

The Observer, 18 June 2000: p51: Health: Clear skin, from scratch by Jane Clark.
The article look at eczema and the possible cuases including milk intolernace and azo dyes.

The Times, 6 June 2000, p. 2: Is ymilk safe to drink? by Simon Cromptom.
An interesting article looking at milk as an allergen and it's possible links with various illnesses such as Crohn's disease.

The Daily Express, 30 January 1999: Free school soya milk, too?
This is a letter that appeared after the article below from Graham Keen of Granose Foods. He points out that children at school can be milk allergic or vegan and won't be able to drink cow's milk.

The Daily Express, 27 January 1999: We'll deliver your milk by Graham Bell.
This is the start of a campaign by the Daily Express to get milk brought back into UK schools.

Guardian 2, 8 December 1998: p14-15: Is your food allergy or fiction? by Jenny Ameghino.
Research has suggested that many food intolerances are all in their mind. The article looks at the report in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research and reports on various comments form leading allergists. Another angle to a problem we all face.

The Sunday Times Style Magazine, 21 June 1998, p.33-35: What's your poison? by Fiona Murray.
The article looks at different allergy tests for people with food allergies. The article is very interesting as it compares costs, availability and results. The article is a good starting point but remember it's for allergies not intolerances.

Times Educational Supplement, 5 June 1998. Issue 4275, p8: Train teachers'to give more children medicines. by Sarah Cassidy.
Not really about LI but a constant worry amongst parents. The need for medication for serious allergies and the need for teachers to be able to administer these medicines. The article gives both sides of the argument.

The Sunday Times, Style Magazine, 31 May 1998 p. 43: What's the alternative by Susan Clark.
The article talks about a new screening process called Electro-dermal screening which came over from the States. The screening is expensive but did seem to work. Professor Jonathan Brostoff said in the article that he had never heard of the technique.

Sunday Times Magazine, 30 November 1997, p50-57: The wall of silence by Carol Sarler.
Every so often I read an article that opens my eyes to allergies, here is such an article. The article deals with autism, however part of the article explains allergy induced autism and the charity that, one woman who's child became autistic because of food, set up. The research carried out so far looks at whether the body can dispose of broken down products from wheat and milk. The article is well worth reading. The charity has a web site Click here for link

The Independent September 30, 1997: I'd had enough of tears before bedtime by Katherine Ogg.
The article looks at milk intolerance from the view point of a breast-feeding mother, who thought her daughter had colic, but only through the suggestion of a health visitor, gave up milk herself and then noticed the change in her baby. This article is the perfect read for a mother with a restless baby and if cow's milk intolerance is not your first thought.

Sunday Times, 21 September 1997: Food for thought by Sharon Davey.
An interesting article on food allergies and some "alternatives" that may be worth looking at. Also has a list of books, and who to contact to find an allergist in your area.

Sunday Times Style Section, 16 March 1997, Page 43: What's the alternative? by Hazel Courteney.
A question from a reader who suffers from IBS and discovered that it was in fact Lactose Intolerance caused by the lactose filler used in prescription drugs. The reader suggests using Lactaid before taking medication.

The Mail on Sunday, "You Magazine", 1 June 1997, p62: Nanny knows best by Annie Bell.
Is the answer to milk allergy, goat's milk? A well written article with plenty of information on goat's milk and it's products and where to buy them, also 3 nice recipes and some facts about goat's milk.