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This list of books looks at all aspects of allergies and many of these books are very useful indeed. The list will always be added to. If you wish to purchase a copy of any of the titles click the button on the right and place your order with Amazon bookshop then hit the back key on your browser to return here for a further browse of the titles.

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Manual of Allergy and Immunology

Click Here By Casey Adams
Publishing Information: Logical Books, 2012

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Manual of Allergy and Immunology

Click Here By Daniel C.Adelman
Publishing Information: Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, 2002
[ Comment: A major medical reference work on the diagnosis and treatment of allergies and immunological disorders in children and adults.]

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American Academy of pediatrics guide to your child's asthma and allergies
Click Here By American Academy of Pediatrics
Publishing Information: Villard Books, 2000


Book Jacket  Why David Hated Tuesdays: One Woman's Inspirational Guide to Keeeping your Family Toxin - and Allergy-free
Click Here By Amilya Antonetti
Publishing Information: Prime Publishing, 2003

[ Comment: How to keep your house clean for those who suffer from allergic reactions]

Book jacket

Living well with Lactose Intolerance

Click Here By Jaime Aranda-Michel
Publishing Information: Avon, 1999

Business woman: Jennifer has a food allergy

Click Here By Elaine Archer
Publishing Information: F. Watts, 2000
[ Comment:This is a children's book which will be of use to schools and parent who wish to explain food allergies to their children. It is part of the Making It series, which is in turn part of the books for the Anaphylaxis campaign. 4 star]

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Anti-IgE therapy for asthma and allergy

Click Here By S. Hasan Arshad
Publishing Information: Taylor & Francis Books, 2001
[ Comment: A medical text aimed at medical practitioners looking at the treatment of asthma and allergies using anti IgE antibodies]

Bookjacket Hidden food Allergies: finding the foods that cause you problems and removing them from your diet
Click Here By Stephen Astor
Publishing Information: Avery Pub., 1997
[Comment:An American book with very useful diets as is the related food index. It also lists US and Canadian food manufacturers' phone numbers, many are Toil free and not obtainable from the UK.3 stars]

Book Jacket
ABC of asthma, allergies and lupus

Click Here By F. Batmanghelidj
Publishing Information: Global Health Solutions, 2000

Book Jacket Allergies and asthma for dummies
Click Here By William E. Berger
Publishing Information: John Wiley, 2000
[Comment:Part of the dummies guide series of books. This one looking at a range of allergies including food, but mainly airbourne allergies such as hayfever, etc. ]

Book jacket What are the Symptoms of Lactose Intolerance? What to do NOW if you think you are allergic to milk & dairy products
Click Here By Julia Blyth - Kindle edition  
Publishing Information: Kindle Edition, 2012

bookjacket The food allergy and nutrition revolution
Click Here By James Braly
Publishing Information: Keats Pub. Inc., 1993
[Comment:This book looks at diet modification as a way of improving one's health. ]

Book Jacket
Food allergy relief

Click Here By James Braly
Publishing Information: McGraw-Hill Education, 2001
[ Comment: The book offers safe treatments to a range of illnesses including gluten sensitivity, celiac disease, asthma, etc. With explanations on the causes of allergies and various treatments available.]


Jane Brody's Allergy fighter: relieve the miseryof nasal allergies with the help of America's most trusted authority on personal health

Click Here By Jane Brody
Publishing Information: Castle Books, 2000

The Daily Telegraph complete guide to allergies

Click Here By Pamela Brooks and Sarah Brewer
Publishing Information: Constable Robinson, 2001
[Comment:A comprehensive book looking at the causes of allergies, specific allergies and the various tests available. ]

Bookjacket The complete guide to food allergy and intolerance
Click Here By Dr Jonathan Brostoff and Linda Gamlin
Publishing Information: Quality Health Books, 2008
[Comment:From a UK point of view this is the book to read. Now in it's 4th edition. Dr Brostoff explains just about everything you may need to know with regards to food intolerances and allergies. This is the new edition and has revised addresses and contacts plus more information and new case histories.5 stars]

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Food allergies and food intolerance: the complete guide to their identification and treatment
Click Here By Jonathan Brostoff
Publishing Information: Healing Art Press, 2000

Book Jacket
Food allergy and intolerance

Click Here By Jonathan Brostoff and Stephen Challacombe
Publishing Information: Harcourt, 2002
[ Comment: Very expensive medical work this is the latest edition. The book includes the scientific basis for the clinical observations of food allergy: describes the mechanisms underlying food allergy; and offers accounts of all end-organ effects.]

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Milk is not for every body: living with Lactose Intolerance
Click Here By Steve Carper
Publishing Information: Facts on File, 1996
[Comment: Full of very useful facts and figures as well as some recipes. The only downside, from a UK point of view, is that Steve's excellent book is American and so a lot of the foods and drugs mentioned are not available in the UK. If you had to buy just one book about lactose intolerance buy this. Steve also has a web site full of information at Steve Carper's Lactose Intolerance Clearing House5 stars]

Birthday party: Alexandra has a food allergy

Click Here By Diane Church
Publishing Information: F. Watts, 2000
[ Comment:Another children's book that looks at food allergies this is part of the Friends series, which is in turn part of the books for the Anaphylaxis campaign and is a welcome addition to the UK market. 4 star]

Bookjacket Allergies at your fingertips: comprehensive allergy reference book for
the year 2000

Click Here By Joanne Clough
Publishing Information: Class Publishing, 1997
[Comment:This is a great book explaining a large range of allergies and with a chapter on food allergies, including an explanation of food allergies, symptoms, triggers, diagnosis, living with food allergies. The book looks at skin allergies, hayfever, and anaphylaxis. The book describes the various tests for allergies and has a good list of UK addresses. Certainly worth looking at. The series of "At your fingertips" also includes Asthma, Cancer, Diabetes, etc.4 star]


Allergies: a comprehensive guide to effective treatment.
Click Here By Moira Crawford
Publishing Information: Chrysalis Bks, 2002


The food allergy cure: A new solution to food cravings, obesity, depression, headaches, arthritis, and fatigue

Click Here By Ellen W. Cutler
Publishing Information: Three Rivers Press, 2003

Book Jacket5 years without food: the food allergy survival guide, how to overcome your food allergies and recover.
Click Here by Nicolette M. Dumke
Publishing Information: Allergy Publications, 1997

Bookjacket ABC of Allergies
Click Here edited by Stephen R. Durham
Publishing Information: BMJ books, 1998

[Comment:This book is aimed at the medical profession and was originally a series of articles in the BMJ (see Magazine listing on the main site). Th book consists of articles written by various authors and has an excellent chapter on Food Allergy and also Anaphylaxis. This book is a must for the medical profession and for those of you who will need to talk to your GP. 3 star]

Book Jacket

Click Here By Edward Edelson
Publishing Information: Chelsea House, 1999

bookjacket Living with nut allergies
Click Here By Karen Evennett
Publishing Information: Sheldon Press, 2000
[Comment:This is a nice general book on dealing with allergies to nuts part of the Living with series. It is well written and easy to understand. ]


Could it be an allergy?
Click Here By Joe Fitzgibbon
Publishing Information: Gill and Macmillan, 1998 

Book Jacket
Allergy Bible: the conventional and alternative guide to understanding, avoiding and treating allergies and intolerances.
Click Here By Linda Gamlin
Publishing Information: Readers Digest Association, 2001
[Comment:This comprehensive book looks at all aspects of allergies and the ways of controlling them. Well worth buying. ]

Book Jacket
Living with Food Intolerance (Overcoming Common Problems)

Click Here By Alex Gazzola
Publishing Information: Sheldon Press, 2005

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Conquering your child's allergy: the informed parent's comprehensive guide.

Click Here By M. E. Gershwin
Publishing Information: Humana Press, 1998
[ Comment: A reference to parents of children suffering from allergies. The book looks at other problems that may arise with allergies.]

Book Jacket
Best guide to allergy

Click Here By Allan V. Giannini
Publishing Information: Humana Press, 1994
[ Comment: A fairly old title but does answer many questions frequently asked. Based on medical research but does cover self-help approaches and some ancient healing arts.]


Allergy Free

Click Here By Burton Goldberg (Editor)
Publishing Information: Future Medicine Pub., 2000


Allergy relief: effective natural allergy treatment
Click Here By Silvia Goldfarb
Publishing Information: Avery, 2000

[Comment:Lots of UK suffers of allergies seek alternatives to prescription drugs. This guide includes such topics as homeopathy, acupuncture and changing your diet. ]

Book Jacket

Click Here By Sharon Gordon
Publishing Information: Children's Press, 2003
[ Comment: This is a children's book which looks at allergies. The book uses a simple text looks at allergies effects and discusses some of the common allergens.]

Book Jacket Aaron's awful allergies
Click Here By Troon Harrison
Publishing Information: Kids can press, 1998
[Comment:An excellent children's book looking at animal allergies and tells the story of Aaron who loves animals and is diagnosed as being allergic to them. He has to find home for each of his pets but discovers other ways to make animals part of his life. ]

Book Jacket
Managing your allergies: natural remedies for better living

Click Here By David Hazard
Publishing Information: Harvest House Publishing, 2002
[ Comment: ]

Cure your Allergies - and live your life

Click Here By Martin F. Healy
Publishing Information: C W Daniel Co. Ltd, 2001
[Comment:Many allergies go undiagnosed and people suffer because of this. The author look at this problem with a new approach and ideas. ]

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Do-it-yourself allergy analysis handbook
Click Here By Louise Henderson, Kate Ludeman and Henry S. Basayne
Publishing Information: Keats P., 1992

book jacket

Curing food allergies and other illnesses
Click Here By Alan Hunter
Publishing Information: Ashgrove, April 2000

Solve Your Food Intolerance: A practical dietary programme to eliminate food intolerance
Click Here By Dr John Hunter, Elizabeth Workman and Jenny Woolner
Publishing Information: Vermillion, 2005.

Book jacket The new allergy diet: the step-by-step guide to overcoming food intolerance
Click Here By Dr John Oakly Hunter with Elizabeth Workman and Dr Virginia Alun Jones
Publishing Information: Vermilion, 2000
[Comment: This book is now the latest edition and is a nice introduction to allergies with plenty of recipes which are simple and well tested. The book deals with a range of allergies and diets to try out. However the milk allergy is purely for cow's milk and so some recipes do contain other milks. Dr Hunter is a consultant physician at Addenbrooke's Hospital and is a recognized authority on food allergy and intolerance.3 star]

Book Jacket
Dealing with Food Allergies

Click Here By Janice Joneja
Publishing Information: Bull Publishing, 2003
[ Comment:An excellent guide to allergies and offering advice on how to change your diet to avoid the offending foods. 4 star]

Book Jacket

Dietary Management of food allergies and intolerances: a complete guide.
Click Here By Janice M. Vickerstaff Joneja
Publishing Information: JA Hall Publication, 1998

Book Jacket

Understanding allergy, sensitivity and immunity: a comprehensive guide.

Click Here By Janice M. Vickerstaff Joneja
Publishing Information: Rutgers University Press, 1990

Bookjacket Food Allergies: Up-to-date tips from the world's foremost nutrition experts (Nutrition Now Series)
Click Here By Celide Barnes Koerner, The American Dietetic Association and Munoz-Furlong
Publishing Information: John Wiley., 1998.
[Comment: This book looks at how food allergies are diagnosed and gives a practical guide to eating when you have a food allergy. The book looks at daily solutions to avoiding problem foods and what food can be substituted with what. An interesting read.3 star]

Book Jacket

Allergy relief and prevention: a doctor's complete guide to treatment and self-care

Click Here By Jacqueline Krohn
Publishing Information: Hartley and Marks, 2000

Book Jacket
Complete allergy book: Learn to become actively involved in your own care

Click Here By Frank Kwong
Publishing Information: Sourcebooks, Inc, 2002

bookjacket Allergies (Diseases and people)
Click Here By Sara L.Latta
Publishing Information: Enslow Publishers, 1998
[Comment:A nice book for teenagers on allergies, very informative. ]

Book Jacket

Food Allergy: and other adverse reactions to food.

Click Here By M.H. Lessof
Publishing Information: ILSI Press, 1994


Allergy and Intolerance: the complete guide to environmental medicine
Click Here By G. T Lewith
Publishing Information: Green Print, 1992

Book Jacket

Allergies A-Z: Practical advice on living with allergies
Click Here By Myron Lipkowitz and Tova Navarra
Publishing Information: Facts on File, 2001

Asthma and allergies: Recipes and advice to control symptoms.

Click Here By Chris McLaughlin
Publishing Information: Hamlyn, 2000
[Comment:Part of the Food Solutions series, this book looks at a range of remedies and complementary therapies as well as a number of recipes to help relieve asthma and allergies. ]

Book Jacket
Allergy Bible:Includes hundreds of conventional & alternative strategies and treatments for every kind of allergy

Click Here By Earl Mindell
Publishing Information: Warner Books, 2003
[ Comment: Looks at various treatments and how to remove allergens from the home.]

Book Jacket Allergies
Click Here By Judy Monroe
Publishing Information: Lifematters, 2001
[Comment:A US young adults book on allergies well written and useful for projects. ]

Book Jacket Allergies
Click Here By Wendy Moragne
Publishing Information: Twenty First Century Books inc, 1999
[Comment:A nice US book suitable for younger children, explaining what an allergy is all about. ]


Curing allergies with visual imagery

Click Here By William Lowe Mundy
Publishing Information: Safe Goods, 2000

Book Jacket Essential allergy
Click Here By Niels Mygind
Publishing Information: Blackwell science, 1995
[Comment:This book is aimed at the medical student and is not really suitable to the lay person. ]

Book Jacket Instant allergy
Click Here By Niels Mygind
Publishing Information: Blackwell science, 1997
[Comment:This book is aimed at the medical student and is not really suitable to the lay person. It is the sister book and a quicker read to Essential allergy. ]

Allergy and immunology secrets

Click Here By Stanley M. Naguwa
Publishing Information: Hanley & Belfus, 2000
[ Comment: This book is aimed at the medical profession and covers various topics with regards to allergies.]

You can do something about your allergies: a leading doctor's guide to allergy prevention and treatment.

Click Here By Nelson Novick
Publishing Information: iUniverse.Com, 2000
[Comment:A guide to allergies and their prevention. The book looks at the different types of allergies their treatments and testing. ]

How to live with a nut allergy: Everything you need to know if you are allergic to peanuts or tree nuts

By Chad Oh and Carol Kennedy
Publishing Information: McGraw-Hill Education, 2004
[Comment:With peanut allergies on the rise this book explains the problems an allergic person faces. ]


Allergy Solutions
Click Here By Suzannah Olivier
Publishing Information: Pocket Books, 2001
[Comment:Part of the excellent series on allergies and intolerances to food. ]

Book Jacket

Fighting allergies
Click Here By Readers' Digest
Publishing Information: Readers' Digest, 1999
[Comment:Part of the Readers' Digest Health and healing the natural way series a very nice book. The book deals with both conventional and alternative and complementary methods of treatment. The book covers a wide range of allergies, from food to environmental. This book is worth buying for the useful information alone. 4 star]



Allergy free eating: key to the future
Click Here By Liz Reno and Joanna Devrais
Publishing Information: Celestial Arts, 1996

[Comment:An easy to understand book providing and number of allergen free recipes and food substitutes. The book is American however most of the ingredients can be purchased in the UK.  3 star]

bookjacket Your hidden food allergies are making you fat
Click Here By Rudy Rivera and Roger D. Deutsch
Publishing Information: Prima, 1998

[Comment: This book is really a diet book, no recipes or diet plans, just the fact that if you have allergies to food that you don't know about and you are over weight they could be linked. The book also talks about the ALCAT test, for further information about this test which has been available in the UK since 1998 visit  1 star  ]

The Food Intolerance Bible: A nutritionist's plan to beat food cravings, fatigue, mood swings, bloating, headaches and IBS
Click Here By Antoinette Savil and Antony J. Haynes
Publishing Information: Harper Thorsons, 2005.

Overcoming allergies

Click Here By Christina Scott-Moncrieff
Publishing Information: Chrysalis Books, 2002
[ Comment: Estimates suggest that over one third of westerners suffer from allergies. This book looks at way to beat the allergies, carry general information on nutrition, lifestyle and complementary treatments]

Book Jacket

Click Here By Alvin Silverstein
Publishing Information: Franklin Watts, 1999
[Comment:An excellent reader for 9-12 year olds on allergies. ]

Book Jacket Expert guide to allergy and immunology
Click Here By Raymond G. Slavin
Publishing Information: American College of Physicians, 1999
[Comment:This book is aimed at the medical profession and not really suitable for the lay person. ]


Allergy (Your questions answered series)

By Helen E. Smith and Anthony J. Frew
Publishing Information: Churchill Livingstone, 2003
[Comment:This book written by a GP and an allergy specialist answers many of the question you wish you could ask you GP. Aimed at Primary Care staff it is an excellent book for the allergy sufferer also. ]

Book Jacket
What does it mean to have allergies

Click Here By Louise Spillsbury
Publishing Information: Heinemann Educational Books, 2001
[ Comment: This is a children's book which will explain food allergies to children. and covers real-life case studies.]

Food sllergy survivors together handbook

Click Here By Melissa Taylor
Publishing Information: Writer's Club Press, 2002


Food Allergy Detection Programme: complete with over 300 Allergen-Free recipes.
Click Here By Terry Traub
Publishing Information: F Fell US, 1983

Book Jacket
Food Allergy

Click Here By Richard J. Trevino
Publishing Information: Thieme Publishing Group, 2000

[ Comment: Medical book, third volume in the seriesof the American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy series.]

Book Jacket Allergy made simple: for those who are allergic and for those who might become so.
Click Here By Rudiger Wahl
Publishing Information: Hogrefe and Huber, 1996

Book Jacket
You are not alone - coping with peanut allergy

Click Here By Delyth Wakefield
Publishing Information: Peanut allergy awareness, 2001


Food allergies: The complete guide to understanding and relieving your food allergies
Click Here By William E. Walsh
Publishing Information: Wiley, 2000

Book Jacket

Living with food allergies: a complete guide to a healthy lifestyle
Click Here By Betty Wedman-St. Louis
Publishing Information: Contemporary, 2000

[Comment:There was a previous edition of the book but this edition updates that information. It explains the day to day living with an allergy. ]

Book Jacket Let's talk about having allergies
Click Here By Elizabeth Weitzman
Publishing Information: Hazelden Information and Educational Service, 1998

[Comment:A nice children's book looking at other children with allergies. ]


Food allergy field guide: A lifestyle manual for families
Click Here By Theresa Willingham
Publishing Information: Savory Palate, inc., 2000

bookjacket Food Allergies: Enjoying life with a severe food allergy
Click Here By Tanya Wright
Publishing Information: Class Publishing, 2001

[Comment:This is by far the book to buy if you suffer from a food allergy. It is medically accurate and with a registered dietitian offering help and advice the book will meet the needs of the parent with food allergic children and the person who themself suffers from a food allergy or intolerance. 5 stars]

Book Jacket The peanut allergy answer book
Click Here By Michael Young
Publishing Information: Fair Winds Press, October 2001.

[Comment:Peanut allergies must rate as the most dangerour of all allergies. This book answers those questions you have always wanted to ask your doctor. A very useful book. ]

Book Jacket

Allergies: the complete guide to diagnosis, treatment and daily management

Click Here By Stuart H. Young
Publishing Information: Plume, 1999

bookjacket The allergy sourcebook
Click Here By Merla Zellerbach
Publishing Information: Contemporary Books, 2000

[Comment:Now in it's 3rd edition this book looks at the causes of allergy attacks, the test available and the medications. American but of some use in the UK. ]

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