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Books on allergy related topics
This list of books deals with topics that might interest those of you with allergies such as anaphylaxis,dairy related diseases such as Crohn's, behaviour, chemical sensitivity and even translating menus when in a non-English speaking country. The list will always be added to. If you wish to purchase a copy of any of the titles click the button on the right and place your order with Amazon bookshop then hit the back key on your browser to return here for a further browse of the titles.


Berlitz European menu reader
Click Here By Berlitz
Publishing Information: Berlitz Publishing, 1997

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Food chemical sensitivity

Click Here By Robert Buist
Publishing Information: Avery, 1986

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Travelling Jewish in America

Click Here By Ellen Chemofsky
Publishing Information: Kuperard, 1970
[ Comment: This is a very old book but still in print helping you travel around the US looking for Jewish restaurants, some of which have closed down.]


Caring for your child with severe food allergies : emotional support and advice from a parent who's been there
Click Here By Lisa Cipriano Collins
Publishing Information: Wiley, 1999

[Comment: This book sorts the truth from the myths and misunderstandings of children with food allergies, and helps families cope with the emotional aspects of raising a child at risk for severe food reactions. You can visit Lisa's site at ]


Feeding the brain: how foods affect children
Click Here By C. Keith Conners
Publishing Information: Perseus Books Grp, 2002

Book Jacket Food intolerance
Click Here By Taraneh Dean
Publishing Information: Woodhead, 2000
[Comment:This book is for people in the food industry at Łuk95.00 it isn't cheap, however if you are in the food processing industry and need to know about food intolerance quality control this is the book for you. If however you are a parent the book is not for you. ]

bookjacket Was it something you ate? - Food intolerance: what causes it and how to avoid it.
Click Here By John Emsley and Peter Fell
Publishing Information: Oxford University Press, 1999
[Comment:Although this book deals with the toxic side of the food we eat it is well written and covers a whole range of foods that cause a toxic reaction in our body, especially milk and dairy products. The book also deals with Salicylates and caffeine. This book is very good for those who want to find out more about food intolerances. 4 star ]

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Travel guide to Jewish Europe

Click Here By Ben Frank
Publishing Information: Pelican Publishing Company, 2001
[ Comment: This guide covers Europe and tell you of local restaurants where you should be able to eat a dairy-free meal. ]

Book Jacket Multiple chemical sensitivity: a survival guide
Click Here By Pamela Reed Gibson
Publishing Information: New Harbinger Pub., 2000
[Comment:This book looks at Multiple chemical sensitivity or MCS. Describing symptoms various treatments and help available (in the US) ]


Eating and drinking in Spanish - reading menus in Spanish speaking countries.
Click Here By Andy Herbach
Publishing Information: Capra Press, 1996


Say good-bye to allergy related autism

Click Here By Dr Devi S. Nambudripad
Publishing Information: Delta Publishers, 1999


Food in five languages: an international menu guide, English: German: French: Italian: Spanish
Click Here By Elisabeth Neiger
Publishing Information: Interlink Publishing Group, 1997

Book JacketYour life in your hands: understanding, preventing and overcoming breast cancer
Click Here By Jane Plant
Publishing Information: Virgin books, 2007
[ Comment:This book has been receiving extensive publicity with articles in a number of UK newspapers and author appearences on television. The theory is that by cutting out dairy products you can cure your cancer. The book has a number of diet plans and recipes and these alone make it worth while. There has been alot of discussion regarding the book and many cancer research charities currently are sceptical about the cure. I will leave it to you to decide. ]

Bookjacket The Nursery Food Book.
Click Here By Mary Whiting and Tim Lobstein
Publishing Information: Arnold, 1998
[Comment:This is the second edition produced with the Food Commission on feeding young children. The book is aimed at Nursery Nurses but does explain dairy allergy and Lactose intolerance under the heading of dinner-time difficulties and special diets. There is also a selection of recipes some of which are suitable for lactose intolerant children.2 star]

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Food Intolerances: Fructose Malabsorption, Lactose and Histamine Intolerance: living and eating well after diagnosis & dealing with the elimination diet

Click Here By Michael Zechmann
Publishing Information: CreateSpace Independent Publishers, 2013

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